John McCann
Bob Banerjee
Todd Hartman
guitar, lead vocals,
main Irish guy.

violin/fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals,
chief outsourced Indian immigrant.

vocals, percussion, Irish bodhran, washboard,
professional hunky eye-candy.
John McCann began his legendary musical career in Buffalo, New York as a self-taught musician playing classic rock, country and Celtic.   He became a powerful force as a solo Irish performer in Pittsburgh after accidentally stowing away on a Rolling Rock Beer truck headed to Western Pennsylvania and staying here for the mild winters and winning sports teams. When not playing with the Corned Beef and Curry Band, he continues his solo performances and engages his audiences with a wealth of experience in traditional and Tin Pan Alley Irish tunes and a great library of classic rock. Bob was raised in the back of a stainless-steel slurpee machine at a 7-11 in Calcutta, India and moved to the USA at a very young age.   The combined influences of western democracy, good cartoons, and plentiful food without chili peppers gave him a comfortable life in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.   He picked up the violin in fifth grade because it was one of the lightest instruments to carry back and forth to school - and he could annoy almost anyone when he played it.   His musical legend grew as he outgrew 20 years of classical violin to go to the "dark side" of playing improvisational performances in country, bluegrass, folk, reggae, jazz, rock, and Celtic. He has performed and toured with many bands including a year and a half with "Gaelic Storm," the party band from the Titanic movie. A graduate of the Vienna Masters School for Thumping Things, Todd graduated with honors in classical tambourine and jazz washboard. Critical reviews of his one-man play, "The Man and the Metronome" led him to be discovered by the Ambridge School District to help lead their remarkable High School band and direct the world famous Ambridge Steel Drum Band. His youth, energy, and boyish charm hide the professional experience that he brings to the Corned Beef and Curry Band. He lives for the day that the band changes its name to Corned Beef, Curry & Schnitzel. .


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